Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Second Novel

Boss Lady

This is a story set in Arizona about a young lady,Tricka Dallas, in the construction industry. Her father was a partner in Mandolay Enterprises, a construction firm. When he passed away his partner took Tricka under his wing and taught her all he knew. Since her mother too had died while giving birth to her, Tricka knew no other life. She became quite adapt in the industry, becoming manager in no time at all.

She is sent by her superior to solve a problem at one of their sites in the rugged mountain area of Verdee where the company is building a road for the copper company. There she meets Curt Rivers and immediately clashes with him on various decisions. She becomes suspicious of his reasons for siding with the Hopi indians who own the adjacent land, especially when there are questions of new copper veins being found there.

Steven Ulrich of the Verdee Copper Company becomes infatuated with Tricka, making for friction as Curt believes Tricka is involving herself with a married man instead of concentrating on the job at hand. Romance, intrigue and adventure abound as Tricka learns that all is not as it seems at Verdee.

Boss Lady is completed and will soon be published! Look for it in the coming months.

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