Thursday, December 24, 2009

Books I have written

The Clover Chain

This is a Romance Novel, set in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What The Story Is All About

Jim Harrison, who owns The Clover Chain, a string of luxury hotels world-wide, handles everything wit expertise and finesse. He is a highly polished cynic and adapt at assuming control. But when it comes to children he is out of his depth. Especially when one comes into his life accompanied by a courageous and fiercely independent girl, Tracy Travers, not much older who is capable of putting him firmly in his place.

The Clover Chain is a page-turner filled with love, romance and adventure, with criminal elements bent on creating havoc with our hero's hotel business. There is misunderstanding, jealousy and a mixup that makes for a good story and, after some harrowing experiences, of course a happy ending!

Pick up a copy for a good read!

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