Friday, May 1, 2009

In The Fields

in the fields

free and carefree on bare feet

bending blades to nod and stare

blosoms peep, shy, discrete

hiding clover here and there...

in the fields

golden dreams on eyelids hot

lazy flutter of butterflies

whispering winds easily caught

bending branches with their sighs...

in the fields

gathering blossoms of fragrant hues

under racing cloudy fleece

once intent on childish views

now just making memories...

A Stolen Moment

a stolen moment
of tangerine gold
ensnared in the cobwebs of my mind
and creeping rays
inevitable... bold...
as warm as gold-flaked wine...
a stillness in the air
a breathless hush
a waiting for day to arrive
and the only sound
tides' perpetual rush
a sense of being alive...
turbulence is there
in the golden dance
of glistening tinseled spray
its ebb and flow
a symphonic romance
in tune with Nature's own sway...
how soon dush goes
a-melting the flame
discerning each shape and shadow
the Sun God rules
its fiery domain
and once more the scene is mellow..
but my moment abides
in some secret recess
a well-guarded stolen treasure
should I wish for a ride
upon memory's crest
it's there for my very own pleasure...