Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poem Books

This Friendship Place

This is a book containing 32 poems about friendship. In the fast-pace lives we lead today we often yearn for a place of beauty, a place of peace and tranquility. Here within these pages I have created such a place... a place where you may find peace.... a place you are sure to find friends.

Some of titles are: "Dreamin'", "Pansy", "Lost in a Wild Wood", "Cast a Net", "Quiet Mornings", "Summer Shades", "Weave a Dream", "Nature's Walk", "Wooded Dreams"and many, many more.

This will make a great gift for a friend, loved one or a book you may wish to read again and again to bring you to your own special place.

This Friendship Place is available for sale for just $5.95 plus shipping.
Write to Poetry and Prose, P. O. Box 7150, Torrance, CA 90504 or e-mail me and it will be on its way to you.


This Magical Place

This book is a sequel to "This Friendship Place". Here I have created timeless poetry with a touch of magic. Here again you will find you can escape to a quieter place... a place where there is magic in nature and where memories are brought to mind and shared with friends.

Included in the titles are "Land of Magic", "A Fern Dell Haven", "Pale Reflections", "The Quiet Place", "Sea Magic", "Timeless", Wild is the Thunder" and many more.

Price: $5.95 plus shipping.

Short Stories I have written

"Remembering Romance" - a collection of seven enchanting short love stories is now available for sale Amazon.com for $12.95.

What Does The Book Contain?
Seven complete short stories:

The first “A Broken Heart” is s tender love story dealing with the pangs of heartaches experienced when one first encounters a breakup.

The second “A Most Dependable Man” takes you through the indecisions of finding the right man for a relationship. Does one follow one’s mind or heart?

In “The Personal Touch” love can come in a most unexpected way. Sometimes unselfishness shines through and a good man knows that a sympathetic and imaginative woman is not easy to find.

A Magical Lamp” brings a touch of enchantment into romance with its charming theme that love and hope can walk hand in hand.

A Passade or Brief Affair” tells how a mix-up can lead to first love.

There’s a Cat in My Tub” is a lighthearted romance that tells of a man’s ingenuity when it comes to love.

The last story “Caverns in the Sky” brings adventure and daring into play. Love and its promise for the future can be found if we believe.

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