Friday, May 1, 2009

A Stolen Moment

a stolen moment
of tangerine gold
ensnared in the cobwebs of my mind
and creeping rays
inevitable... bold...
as warm as gold-flaked wine...
a stillness in the air
a breathless hush
a waiting for day to arrive
and the only sound
tides' perpetual rush
a sense of being alive...
turbulence is there
in the golden dance
of glistening tinseled spray
its ebb and flow
a symphonic romance
in tune with Nature's own sway...
how soon dush goes
a-melting the flame
discerning each shape and shadow
the Sun God rules
its fiery domain
and once more the scene is mellow..
but my moment abides
in some secret recess
a well-guarded stolen treasure
should I wish for a ride
upon memory's crest
it's there for my very own pleasure...

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